Sea's Debris حطام البحر

Lucy Emerson
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Lucy- Sea's Debris: A recycling system that retrieves plastic bags from the ocean and repurposes them.

Plastic pollution fills the belly from small fish to large whale and causes them to die. In 2018 a sperm whale was found dead with 64 pounds of trash in its digestive system.  Sea's Debris brings awareness to how marine life is suffering from all the trash that gets dumped in the sea. Acrylic is used as the bucket that collects the trash in a marina. A water pump sucks all the trash around the bucket and a net collects the trash while the water is pumped back out. When the bucket net is full of trash a launch worker collects it. The trash is then sorted through and the plastic bags are collected. The bags are then ironed together to create sheets of more durable plastic. The sheets are then sewed into reusable bags.